Send Bulk Messages to Customers with Broadcast Center

By Yavini Lucille · 22nd November, 2020

Send Bulk Messages to Customers with Broadcast Center | EasyStore

Relying entirely on email marketing doesn't work in 2020. Mobile messaging is now a first priority to do marketing as an ecommerce seller. Given the popularity of mobile devices, it's not surprise to have more customers are willing to get in touch with brands through SMS and Messenger. 

Now you have multiple times the opportunity to talk to them, meet with a new EasyStore tool - Broadcast center!

Broadcast center allows you create and send out message at once through messaging platforms like SMS, Messenger and email to maintain communications with your customers. Read on to find out how to gain more sales on your ecommerce with Broadcast center!

How to Use Broadcast Center to Boost Your Sales

Broadcast center serves one main purpose — to deliver message to a lot of recipients at once about the products they might want to buy. Below are some cases where that can be especially handy.

  • Welcoming new members

    Don't forget about new members! Get in touch with them, introduce your best-selling products to them, and attract them to visit your shop with discount code like WELCOME2021. Remind them your business existence through three messaging platforms at the same time.
  • Introducing new product launch

    Another way to make customers feel special and appreciated? Offer them new products well before your official launch.Why? Because your customers will both receive the special treatment they deserve, but will also be more motivated to make a purchase. That's why shoppers won’t miss the latest and greatest launch to hit your store. 
  • Announcing latest promotions

    Highlight your products on sale. Whether it is a holiday season sale, a flash sale, or any other deal you’re offering at the moment, get your customers to notice your best discounted products. For example during Double 12 festival, you can offer them free shipping upon purchase.

Why Do You Need Broadcasting Messages for Marketing?

1. It's simple and straightforward

By the very nature of a text, your message has to be sweet and short. It's forcing you to condense your message to only the most important message information. A limited-time discount, special promotion, event-based offer that is designed exclusively for your customers can motivate an enthusiastic response. 

2. It's fast and immediate

With billions of smartphones in use, you can now message nearly anyone in the world, instantly. So when marketing needs an immediate connection with customers - perhaps a time-limited discounts or urgent business matter - Email, SMS & Facebook Messenger are the ways. Communicate early to prevent misunderstanding between you and customers before any unwanted situation happens. 

3. It reaches different but targeted audiences 

Broadcast via SMS, Messenger and email enables you to deliver on a timely basis and accurate message to the right group of customers at your convenience. They work well because they can cover different targeted customer group. This makes it much easier to provide relevant communication to your contacts and inspire confidence thereby boost sales in your business.

4. It combines all what your need

SMS offers greater immediacy and demanding significantly more than other mediums. Email is the trial and use tool that accepted by every marketer. Messenger lets you get in touch with billions of potential buyers. Embrace multiple channel conversations with a simple text allows you to connect with customers on whatever device or channel they prefer. Bring them comfortability and drive you sales.

How It Works

Broadcast center is available for all Business plan users. Credits are required to send out the messages. Enjoy free 500 credits upon your subscription. It will be updated every month.

Credit depends on customer count but not channels, which means one credit will be deducted from the account by sending to one customer. (1 customer = 1 credit)

1. Select multiple customers and click 'Broadcast' button

Start from choosing your customers from the customer list. You might have incomplete customer information sometimes, like having no contact number. Broadcast center still can send out the messages to them through email and Messenger.

2.  Create personalized message

Time to stop your copy-paste action. Tip for you: use the three dots on right top. We give you the shortcut to address customers' names and link inside the text in just a few clicks. Fast and simple!

3. Ready and send!

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to get started to send your broadcast messages in seconds.

Take note:  For Messenger, you can only send to customers who message/get in touch with your Facebook Page Shop through Messenger within 24 hours.

Generate More Sales to Your Business with Broadcast Center

Ecommerce is growing, evolving, and changing – and so your customers.

This gives you the ideal opportunity to engage with your customers through different messaging mediums. You just need to test and adapt the ideal communication channel(s) for you with Broadcast Center.

This isn’t a question of SMS marketing vs. email marketing vs. Messenger marketing – it’s a question of what your audience is looking for and how you can deliver it. Why choose one when you can use all?

In Case You’re Not Aware…

Your customers can use phone number to login your ecommerce website now! Take this opportunity to grow your customer list and build relationships with them. They're great for:

  • Register new account 
  • Login existing account
  • Reset password for account

 All you need is one step - enable customer phone number account in your admin panel.  Before you start adding Broadcast center, go to help article and make sure it is enabled in your store.