7 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media

By Marques Coleman · 19th February, 2020

7 Creative Ways to Promote Your Product on Social Media | EasyStore

Social media has become an influencing factor in the lives of many people today, and there is no contention on the ability of social media to influence your product or business towards the better. Individuals and companies are leveraging social media for marketing their products, and there is a good number of folks and firms who are doing this with success. 

More than half of the world owns a smartphone, and at least 75% of this population has access to social media. With these numbers, there is a case for promoting your product on social media. There is potential for increased sales, increased conversions, as well as lead generation. 

When it comes to social media product promotion, you need to ensure that you get it right by working with robust strategies. Some of these strategies include:

  • Let the audience know about the product

  • Run contests

  • Pay for adverts

  • Work with infographics

  • Go live

  • Engage with Fans and the Audience in General

  • Schedule Tweets on Twitter

1. Let the Audience Know About the Product

If you are gearing to promote your product on social media, then you have to ensure that people know about it. Most social media allow users to share images, GIFs, videos as well as other multimedia. You can take photos of the product, or videos of your product in action and share them on social media for your target audience to see. 

If you do not share the photos of your product, how else will your target audience know about it, its specifications, and its usage? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the top social media platforms in this age. Maintaining a presence on all these platforms can be a plus for you since you get to target a wider audience. If this is the case, then share photos of your product on all these platforms so people can know about it and its usage. 

2. Run Contests

Running contests may not be your conventional method of promoting your product, but it is quite a unique and creative way of promoting your product on social media if you come to think of it. The essence of a contest is that it attracts contestants and participants. 

They are participants in the public-facing part of the contest. Still, to you, they are the target audience and potential customers who will help to drive engagement, generate leads, and up your sales figures through conversions. 

You can tailor the contest to reflect your product, and then leverage the contest to promote your product. Ensure that all participants get some giveaways from the contest and ensure that it (the contest) is full of fanfare. 

3. Pay for Adverts

Social media platforms allow users to pay a fee for more visibility and promotion of their products. Promoted posts get more extensive coverage, and they could last on timelines for a few days to weeks ranging on the package that you select. The upside of using paid adverts is that the coverage goes well beyond your followers or timeline. 

Many social media users see such posts, and by doing so, you are actively promoting your product. The chances are very high that users will see the product, probably recommend it to their friends or folks within their circles. The aggregate effect of this is that word about your product gets out there, and this could help improve leads as well as referrals.

4. Work with Infographics

There is no harm in letting your target audience get more information or know more about your product. This is an excellent way of marketing your product. If it is about tips on how to get the most value out of your product, bundle all that information and put it in an infographic. 

If it is a ‘cheat sheet’ about using the product, then you can create an infographic for that as well. There is no harm in doing so. Infographics are often easily read through since they contain broken down information that is easy to digest. You might also want to infuse some statistics when you are creating that infographic. 

The folks at TopEssayWriting, ClassyEssay, Visme, and WriteScout are some of the leaders in this infographic creation space. However, it would help if you were tactical with how you release information. Ensure you do it in doses so that you do not run out of the sauce. Share infographics on all the social media platforms that you might have a presence. In visual-dominant platforms like Instagram, you might want to ensure that you post without fail. 

5. Go Live

Going live is one strategy to get the audience hooked to what you share on your timeline. You can decide to go live under the auspices of your product – or showing the usage of your product. Any activity about your product is a plus when it comes to living interaction with your audience. 

There is a lot of power in live events or activities, more so when they are shared or streamed to social media platforms. Therefore, you might want to explore this strategy when working towards promoting your product on social media. 

6. Engage with Fans and the Audience in General

If you are on social media, then the chances are high that you will post your photos, videos, or other text-based posts. You will also get replies, or people will end up sharing these posts. You need to make sure that you make the most of these engagements. Actively reply to what clients are responding to or saying about your posts. 

When you reply to fans, enthusiasts, followers, or other folks who may be in the conversation, it makes them know that you have concerns about the product and what people have to say about it.

This is product promotion. This is so because you drive engagement about the product in question, and let people know that the product exists and people are talking about it. It would help if you did not underestimate the power of social media engagement in promoting and publicizing stuff – be it a product or issue. 

7. Schedule Tweets on Twitter

It is difficult and tricky to be on social media 24/7 even when you have the most aggressive of social media product promotion strategies. At times, you will have to juggle other activities and keep yourself busy or even rest. However, this does not mean that your Twitter account should remain idle. 

You can use tools that schedule tweets to keep your account running. Scheduled posts have some consistency and also allow for even sharing of content to avoid overloading your timeline or even under-participating. Scheduling can help to keep you organized, and this can help you promote your product in the meantime. 

In summary, social media can be a handy tool when it comes to promoting your product. There are many connections and interconnections between and among folks from all over the world, and you do not know how your sales will fare when you promote your products on social platforms. The good thing is that you can replicate some of the strategies and the content to other social media platforms – and this will have an impact on the product promotion effort.

Author's Bio: 

Marques Coleman is a blog writer at Studyker and specializes in marketing and copywriting. Moreover, he is an avid traveler and always tries to learn something new.