The BBB Terracewear Boost 5X Monthly Sales from Instagram & Facebook with EasyStore

By Kholil Jofri · 25th November, 2021

The BBB Terracewear Boost 5X Monthly Sales from Instagram & Facebook with EasyStore | EasyStore

Being part of the fashion industry, The BBB Terracewear needs to show that, they are different and unique from their competitors. With EasyStore, the brand, able to compete with other businesses and attract more customers. EasyStore's easy-to-use and customizable themes let The BBB Terracewear create a unique and beautiful website to keep their business ahead and attract more customers.

The BBB Terracewear is a local brand. They started selling customized t-shirt for football fanatics. They started their business online by promoting it on Instagram and using WhatsApp for customers to place an order. Their business has been growing through the years, from Instagram to having their own boutique shop. Now, they are producing hundreds of t-shirt designs, and countless merchandise from patches, stickers, buffs, and caps for football fanatics. They are able to establish their brand as the best local shirt designer and have built a good reputation in the community. They have been giving back to the community by sponsoring several local teams and leagues.

With EasyStore, The BBB Terracewear has enjoyed:

✅ Able to receive more than 5X orders and increased revenue to more than 100% in a month 

✅ Manage all orders from Facebook, Instagram, and online store in one centralized platform

The Challenges

The BBB Terracewear has started starts their business through social media, which was Instagram, back in 2016. They market their brand and products through Instagram, and their customers will contact them by using WhatsApp to order and make a purchase.

Azral (preferred to be called Rott), the owner of the brand, had a hard time managing everything from marketing, sales, and production alone. "I only have one phone, so all of my messages go to it. And that was a headache. It is not convenient for me to use 2 or 3 phones" he said.

As demand and customers increase, he himself alone cannot answer every message immediately. Due to this limitation, he can only answer a limited number of messages per month, so he missed out on replying to customers.

"People want to order our products, but by using WhatsApp to do so, we find it very difficult to process orders and keep tracking of everything using WhatsApp alone." 


Owner,The BBB Terracewear

From there, in 2019, they started looking for ecommerce solutions. They started to build their own website with another ecommerce solution. He needs something original, unique, and different as the website was too normal, similar to a marketplace.  

"It is important for our website to look different and beautiful to attract customers to our business. This means we cannot appear like all other online shops. "   


Owner,The BBB Terracewear

Additionally, he explained that, in order to build his brand identity, he wants his online store to reflect the personality of his brand, from images to typography(font) and layout. This will increase their presence and look more stand out than other brands. 

The Solutions

Knowing EasyStore through recommendations from his friends, Rott, studied and look through what EasyStore had to offer. He then found about more than 40 customizable themes he can use for his online store. In this way, he can customize his online store so that it is consistent with his brand. Additionally, this will provide his customers with a pleasant browsing experience when they browse his online store. They just focus on their marketing through Instagram and Facebook, then bring their customers to their online store to purchase. 

Aside, from integrating iPay88 with EasyStore, he is able to provide his customers with various payment options, such as eWallets, online banking, debit cards, and credit cards, when they make purchases. The integration, also able to automate the payment process, making it easy for him to receive payments 24/7 - even when he's sleeping!

It also reduces manual tasks and increases productivity, such as sending real-time notifications and recording all payment transactions automatically.

From there, he never looked back. Besides branding their online store with a consistent personality, he set up a store locator on their website so their customers would be able to find and visit the store with ease.

With an online store, the ordering process is easier. The BBB Terracewear did not use WhatsApp anymore to take any orders. All of their customers are encouraged to purchase through their online store.

"The best part is that EasyStore lets you receive orders at any time of day, so even at 2 or 3 a.m. in the morning, we can still receive orders!" 


Owner,The BBB Terracewear

When taking orders manually, they can only manage to handle 50-100 orders per month, but with having an online store, 500 orders per month is not a problem. People can directly buy through their online store.


✅ Achieved 5X orders and increased revenue by 100%.

✅ Expand their business by opening a new outlet and opening another branch. 

✅ Convert more customers through Facebook ads with Facebook integration.

As a result, shoppers loved how easy it became to buy directly from their online store. It's easy to receive orders without the hassle of manually logging them in, so there's no limit on how many can be received at a timeThey also launched a new branch to provide their customers an in-store shopping experience.

With the integration between EasyStore and Facebook, the business is able to run Facebook's conversion ads as part of its marketing strategy. Just a few clicks to complete the integration. This results in more customers and revenue for the business.

The BBB Terracewear had achieved a new level in its online presence and continue establishing it's brand in Malaysia.

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