EasyStore Latest Updates: December 2021

By Mei Xin · 1st January, 2022

EasyStore Latest Updates: December 2021 | EasyStore

As we wrap up another huge, but challenging year in business and practice, we hope that the features and integrations we produced in 2021 helped to make a significant difference in your day-to-day business life. We’re thrilled to announce the final updates of the year and look forward to assisting you to achieve even greater success in 2022.

As we enter the first day of 2022, here are some updates you should know in the previous month.

New Features 

1. [Apps] Add Code Easier to the Header and Footer with Insert Code 

Want to add code to header and footer, but have no idea where to start with wordy coding? Fret not, Insert Code lets you have the ability to add additional codes to your own online store. You can just copy and paste any code you wish to add including scripts, styles, custom CSS, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and more. This apps makes it easy and safe for anyone to insert code into their header and footer. 

To customize a code that you wish is simple as ABC. Have a look at how Insert Code works?

Step 1: Click create code and give a name to your code.

Step 2: Paste the code you wish to add into the box.

Step 3: Click save and you're done to add code.

Other than that, you can click list code to view, edit and delete your code. Furthermore, you can also create and save a list of codes with different names for clearer and easier management.

Would like to customize some code on your own? Enable here. For more information, you can also refer here

Feature Enhancements

1. [Sales Channels] Start Facebook Live in 5 Minutes with Auto-Generated Product Code

Making Facebook Live seamless, where EasyStore can auto-generate product codes for any product added. For example A1, B1, C1 (A1=Apple, B1=Orange, C1=Pear). If the added product A has several variants, it will be displayed as A1=Small, A2=Medium, A3=Large.

Nevertheless, you may edit the code to your own preference. Only the alphabet & numbers are supported by product codes.

*Example for customize product code: A001PKS (A001 = product code, PK = pink, S = S size).

All codes will be presented in upper case automatically. But, this will not affect the ordering process, as customers can still place orders in lower case.

Wish to know more? Continue reading here.

2. [Sales Channels] Marketplace Enhancement You Need to Know

Have over 50 products? Don’t worry, it’s just one click to sync all your products to Shopee and Lazada. Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on the essential ones. We also support bulk resync (sync the latest product information to Shopee and Lazada) and bulk delete.

In addition, the Airway Bill is now supporting A6, A5, and A4 printing. You are able to filter the orders with the courier service that you enabled (Applicable only for Shopee Malaysia, Shopee Singapore & Shopee Taiwan, Lazada Malaysia, Lazada Singapore).

Check out here to know more about Shopee and Lazada

3. [Payment] PayPal Enhancement to Improve Customers’ Checkout Experience

Want to provide a good checkout experience to your customers with PayPal? You are highly recommended to upgrade to API version 2 in order to obtain the best user experience and simplify the future enhancement process.

Click here to upgrade to API version 2. 

4. [Payment] Stripe Offers More Sub Payment Options for Your Customers

To cater to the needs of each merchant, we have added more sub payment options with Stripe. There are now a total of 16 added sub payment options available in EasyStore. For more information, click here

Apart from that, no more logging into Stripe website to make a refund, you can now make a refund with Stripe from EasyStore Admin Panel.

That wraps things up for December - we hope you have a fantastic holiday, no matter what you’re up to - Happy New Year!

As you start the New Year, may blessings be on your business, and may you move to greater heights with EasyStore. Every mini-step counts, we won’t stop here, we continuously listen to you and bring you more features and integrations to help with your business growth.